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My Services

Through years of study, I have compiled a toolbox of healing techniques

There Are Many Paths To Healing

I practice a variety of caring, nourishing healing practices that are all non-invasive, and unlock the body’s own power to heal.


Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive pain management treatment. Low level lasers are directed at an injury stimulating a photochemical reaction. Laser light enters the cells, altering cell membrane permeability and creating physical changes in the mitochondria.


Energy Work

When our bodies experience a trauma we feel pain, and our energy field becomes distorted. The energy field around our body can be manipulated so as to restore the energetic balance of our bodies. Removing energetic trauma from the body dramatically reduces physical pain, and greatly facilitates the body's natural healing abilities.



I practice Acupressure and Acupressure for Emotional Healing, a unique application of acupressure which addresses the mind-body connection inherent in emotional issues.


Infant & Family Massage Classes

Also known as Touch Communication, infant massage deepens the bond between parents and child and has a number of health benefits such as improved digestion and brain development.


Elder Touch

Learn simple techniques to alleviate pain, improve mental clarity, stimulate the immune system and more. Learn to practice on yourself and others.

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