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Project Description

A Gentle Touch to Heal Yourself

Acupressure self-help classes are ideal for seniors. Learning simple methods of bringing comfort to one’s self and others is powerful for people of all ages, and profoundly empowering for the elderly. At a time when so much seems outside their control, this program gives seniors a skill set they can use to improve their quality of life, both physically and emotionally. Classes also help to lessen the isolation so prevalent in this age group. A class designed around touch instruction has the added benefit of bringing nurturing human touch back into the lives of seniors, who so often suffer from its absence. The techniques taught in this program are designed both for self-help and compassion help for others. Participants may choose to practice the techniques only on themselves in class. There will also be the opportunity, for those who wish it, to practice these techniques on a partner in class. Class members will be actively encouraged to practice their new skills on themselves and their friends between classes. Instruction in respectful touch is an implicit in this approach, and participants will be routinely guided to ask permission before they touch another.

Self-help classes for seniors draw upon other related disciplines in addition to acupressure. Brain Gym™ exercises, for instance, help with mental clarity. Energy Medicine techniques are invaluable for balancing and connecting the body’s many energy systems. Simple massage techniques, as in a hand massage, can help relieve arthritic discomfort. The commonality to all these techniques is that they are easy to apply, fun to learn, and health promoting.

Self-help acupressure classes for seniors include lessons in:

  • Hand massage

  • Improving digestion

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Improving memory and mental clarity

  • Relieving insomnia

  • Arthritis pain relief

  • Improving respiratory functioning

  • Healing sadness and grief; stress relief

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I love going to Senior Centers and homes for senior living to bring this practice of self healing to them. I also will host classes if you have a smaller group that would like to learn these techniques.

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